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RePost.....I've Been Picked!!

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Only remember bits and pieces from this one today but here goes:

I had been diagnosed with a thyroid nodule. I would need to have a thyroid ultrasound so that the doctor could have closer look at the nodule and so I had to stand in a long line in a crowded gym like area to be given a paper approving me to have the ultrasound done. The place was big with many people there in lines. As I moved up in the line almost getting to the front suddenly a very tall handsome man (he looked like Stedman, Oprah's boyfriend) who stood behind me put his arms around me in a hug. He then announced to everyone around that I was the perfect one for what was needed. He stepped out of line and went over to a large movie like projection screen to show everyone my abilities and features to prove his point. People around started talking and saying wow and noticing me.

Another part of the dream: I was outside a large school. People were coming in and out the side door of the school. My old high school friend IRL came outside the side door too excited talking about how easy the process was to order her school books. A lady stood with us to hear how our progress was going. It seemed I was there too to get ready for school and get myself situated for classes. The lady stood with me to help me get prepared. I was encouraged that my friend was getting the help she needed and I was going to do what she had done by going back in the school building to follow-up.

At some point in my dream I remember thinking how I needed to remember this dream and got out of bed in my dream and started typing on the computer what had happened in my dream......

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