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Strange things happening at Grandpa's house

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A little background first;
My husband and his sister own some property jointly. It is a small acreage originally belonging to their great-grandfather, who left it to their grandmother. The house their great-grandfather built and lived in was also the house their grandmother lived in and also the house their mother grew up in. The property was left to my husband and his sister upon the death of his grandmother, about fifteen ago. This house is very old and beyond any repair. The last time we checked on the property the house was falling in, as was a small out-building. The only decent building still usable was the barn.
Now for the dream;
My husband dreamed he and his sister were at the property checking on things. But he said they were surprised when they got there that the house was immaculate and looked much like it had when his grandparents lived there. His grandfather was a gardener and had always planted a huge garden that always did well. In the dream they were surprised to also see a huge garden planted and it was heavy with produce. While his sister checked the house, he went to the outbuilding and he said he was again surprised. Instead of the building falling in, it looked solid and new. He went in and new tools lined the walls. Seeing another door, he went through it and it looked like he was in some kind of break room, with coffee and donuts sitting on a table. He said a man walked in with a clipboard and asked him if he could help him. My husband replied, "maybe I need to ask you that. I own this property. Who are you?" The man said he was there to meet a man. He gave the name and it was my husband's grandfather. My husband informed him that his grandfather had been dead more than 15 years. The man insisted that he was scheduled to meet my husband's grandfather. About that time a lady from the nearby town walked in carrying a tiny baby and my husband thought to himself, "she has another one?"(she has ten children).
Then he left, heading back to the small town near the property. But he was seated in the back, driving the car from there. He told himself he really needed to get in the driver's seat, and knew he would have to soon, but he was really enjoying riding in the back and wanted to stay where he was a while longer.
Any ideas? My husband always dreams symbolically. Thanks!

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