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8 mile Detroit

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I had this dream about two weeks ago.

Is a two part dream. I was standing and waiting on The Lord to provided for a missions trip and out of no where appears a lady that I know and she hands me a 20 dollar bill and bless me with a prayer.
Right after this' I endup in front of abandoned 5 story housing building(I felt like I was in Detroit in the 8 mile strech) I was thinking about how I was going to renovate this place and how much money I needed, right as I am thinking this a man drives up in his mercedes benz , he get out of his car and approches me and says he wants to buy thus building from me and offer to give me 1.6 million for and I accepted, I remerber crying tears of joy and thinking how I can travel and share the gospel and help the poor.
I beilive that i bought that building for a dollar.

The second dream I had over 6 years ago.

I was taken on a tour at a school that is a specialist at war. It's where they train future leaders/solider. I was in class room in the beginning if the dream and then we where given a tour , there where about 5 of us.

As we walk out the front entrance of the building , I look up to the sky and there was a HUGE banner that was waving with the wind and that banner said... "Elisha Serves"

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