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I had a dream that I think is not so good. I had no place to stay for some reason and I wasn't doing well health-wise. A friend and his wife took me in for 7 days. For some reason, the feeling I got in the length of my stay was referred to as 7 days and not one week. I was to look after their children while they went on a date. They had two little girls and a baby boy named Destin. The kids were in one room that had French doors and I was in another room next to it. The parents came home and the dad looks into the room and yells, "Destin!", like he was about to get hurt. I turned to look and the baby wasn't in any danger at all, but obviously the dad thought so. He ran to pick him up and I said that I was sorry that I forgot about the baby.

Later, the mother said to me that she guessed she couldn't trust babysitters anymore. The oldest girl made me some paper flowers because she felt sorry for me and thought she had something to do with my being reprimanded.

IRL I am housing someone who has no place to stay for the time-being and she can be forgetful as she has had a stroke. I don't feel overly burdened by her. I'm glad to help. I also watch a T.V. home remodeling show with someone named Destin, but it's a girl. Any thoughts?

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