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Shooting Hoops

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My dream started out with me signing up for a position to play on the basketball team. I believe that there were only three of us. Two had already signed up and then I decided to sign up to be the point guard or something. It was this man that was calling us one at a time to shoot the ball. The ball was given to one man and missed the shot. Then it was given to someone else and they missed the shot. Then it was my turn. I started bouncing the ball and I was saying that the ball felt flat. So, I held the ball for a long time before I shot it. When I finally threw the ball I missed the shot. I was given another chance and I was contemplating before I shot the ball. I was saying how I better not shoot from that angle. So, I got closer to the goal and I made the shot. I could hear the other people saying how they should have gotten closer to the goal. Any thoughts.

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