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Friend from Church Acting out of Charactor

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I was in an old run down church with a friend from church. It was thunder storming outside and was damp in the old church. We were talking and all of the sudden I was on my back and as looking up at the church roof and he was crawling on top of me all the while still talking casually to me. I was like umm you know I'm married...and he grew serious and everything went black...I got a new pair of capri jeans and I really liked them. I was sitting on a bridge on in a foreign country admiring them. Then my husband and I were in this really fancy kitchen standing around an island in the middle of a kitchen talking with the same guy at the beginning of my dream and another guy from church. I wanted some grape juice so I got some out of the fridge and somehow I spilled juice everywhere all over the white floor it was a porous flooring so I was afraid it would stain the floor. I was grabbing paper towels to clean it up I got frustrated because it was those paper towels with small tear off sections. I hate those so it took me more time to get to cleaning up the grape juice because they kept pulling off one at a time in small sections. Finally I got it cleaned up and it didn't stain the floor but it got all over the knees of my new jeans. But I felt at least it didn't stain the white flooring.

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