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My Left Leg

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When I remembered the dream to write it down it was from end to beginning so that is the way it's written out I think this is important to mention because I always remember my dreams from beginning to end. Dream: I was in some kind of small emergency room. I was laying on a cot and I had my arms across my chest and there was a person I couldn't see and the person was behind me at the head of the cot and had they're arms wrapped around my already crossed arms sort of hugging me and sort of holding me down. I couldn't distinguish whether the voice was male or female but the person asked me if I would like to do a salvation prayer. (been saved 11 years) The person asked me if there was any sins I'd like to confess before I prayed. I said smoking (haven't smoked for 4 years) Then I saw my husband sitting close to my cot against the wall in ears shot. I felt nervous and a women's voice close to my right ear said it's ok you don't have to confess it out loud you can whisper. It made me feel better that my husband didn't have to hear my confession. It was bad enough he was sitting there anyway. Before this my left leg was in a leg brace. I took the brace off my leg. My leg was raw and bleeding a thick layer of my skin on my whole calf fell off and I could see all the way down to the muscle. Before that my husband had my computer disk and was copying it and started deleting important stuff. I got mad because it was my disk. I took the disk from him. Then I realized my leg was hurt.

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