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Jennie the Jesus-lover

Soul dream? Stress release dream?

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I was in Alaska in the middle of winter. I went into an area to hear the coyotes and wolves. I howled to get an answer and at the same time started flying around to land on an optimum spot to film and record the animals. I seemed to have lost control of my flying and was moving a bit unsteadily hovering over wolf territories. There was a wolf frightened and growled and attacked my leg. I knew the right thing to do would be to land because his weight and my weight would sever my leg. Then after I landed in the snow I covered my face as a wolf ran towards me. I found myself wrapped in between a big middle aged black female alpha wolf's front legs as she was laying down in sternal recumbency. I spoke wolf and showed I was submissive by lying on my back and whimpering and whining. She didn't attack. I licked at her face a little and she growled quietly but didn't attack. Never attacked me. We just laid there looking at each other. Even though I was apprehensive of an attack happening it never happened. As a matter of fact seems like we were warming up to each other and I felt a connection with the animal. I guess I was accepted as the submissive member of the pack. I have dreamed about wolves in the Alaskan tundras and winters before but this one was extraordinary and amazing. So much that I wrote it down. Well they sure are pretty animals Lord God, who is like You?

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