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Strange Dream and no idea what it means

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I seen my sons and a friend driving recklessly in a brown suburban we no longer have. They were traveling late at night in what appeared to be downtown. They were going up and down hills and were laughing.

I felt that they may have stole the truck and snuck out for a Joy ride.

The scene changed and I'm not sure how long a lapse in between.

I then seen 3 teenage boys. 2 were my sons and 1 was who I sensed was their friend but I could not see his face.

I was looking at them from behind.

They ran to a park/playground and jumped unto the swings upside down.

The swings were the older ones with a wooden seat and the chains on both sides.

They were once again laughing and having a blast.

Then they stopped swinging. The friend on the left side and one of my sons who was in the middle got off.
However, my other son on the right side stayed in an upside down position as the boys called him. He didn't answer and his brother asked his friend to help him down. As they got him down and laid him on the ground, I could see blood coming from his nose, his eyes were open and red like he had rubbed them to irritation, and he was gasping for air.

I immediately woke up but did not feel afraid.

What is this dream saying to me?

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