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weird dream what does it mean?

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This might be a little long but I always write down my dreams when I wake up in the morning cause I remember more. So here it is.
so what happened was I was sick. On my head was this bubble thing that in cased my head. Mrs Edwards,her husband and some children chased me around to inject a shot. I didn't want too because I thought they were evil. At one point I went on this elevator and then ran down some stairs. I was at my old high school but it was like rundown and it was really gloomy outside. It felt like I was in Frankenstein's castle. Then I became a little girl but the little girl wasn't me. So then the little girl that's not me found this mini 4 headed dog in the back of the building who she became friends with it by scratching each head under it's chin. The dog was the dog from one of the Harry potter movies but mini. The girl was very sick and very tired. And then she blacked out. I woke up in her place and I'm like "Where am I?" I was in a van and Lindsey ( a internet friend) was driving. Emily (a friend I grew up with.) was sitting next to me and she said "you were in a coma for two weeks." The bubble thing was off my head and I was trying to make sense of what happened. Coming to the conclusion Mrs. Edwards (an old hs teacher of mine) caught me and I went into a coma because I didn't want to wait 2 weeks till I met Lindsey. So then I said to Lindsey "did you pick up Kayla?"(an old hs friend) Lindsey didn't say anything. I looked behind us and Kayla was in a truck with my uncle. I waved at her. Eventually we arrived at Lindsey's house. And when I got out of the van I'm like "this place is huge! I mean I seen it in the pictures before but this place is huge!" She had a red barn that was super tall and her house was super tall and she lived in front of the beach. Where there was a pool in front of the house so that didn't make sense. Me,Kayla and Emily went inside Lindsey's house. I'm not sure what we did what when got in. But we didn't want to eat. So instead we went into the living room where the kitchen is in front of it. Sarah (a college friend) randomly appeared and decided to mess with my old laptop that I hid away in my house. "How did you find that? I hid that!?" Sarah giggled and tried to guess the password on it. Emily was also being a troll and tried to show Lindsey a secret fb account I have. I'm like "no no no don't show her that!" *closes the laptop* *tries again* "no emily" Lindsey on the other side of us was on her laptop she was oblivious to what was going on. Sarah disappears. Then I sit on Emily's lap and she tickles me. Lindsey leaves the room. I hear Lindsey's mom in the bg talking to my mom apparently and then as Lindsey walks by them she tells her "tell anybody who hasn't eaten that they have to be nice because they haven't eaten." She leaves the room and comes back to the living room and tosses me and Emily some snacks. 1 snack was friendship bracelets gummies and the other snack was munchies. I opened the friendship bracelet gummies and told Emily "I have to give one to Lindsey." I felt bad for not paying attention to her. Emily picked out her bracelet which said other half. And then some cow jokes on the back of it. And I tossed one to Lindsey that said girlfriends. I got up and then emily said something about Lindsey's boyfriend. I closed the laptop angrily and said "I don't like Bret, I just don't trust him." I looked to the other side as I said that. Then I stormed off. Later we all went to the beach, we all sat there staring at the ocean. Lindsey tried to talk but failed because she was interrupted by someone. Then I woke up.

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