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Dream of the Fish and Aftermath of a Coming Storm

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A few months ago, I had a dream of me living in this house with my family. I got up see my fish tank in the living room had the fish swimming above the tank in the air. I was fussing about my fish not being taken care of and my family were helping me or them back into the tank. That's when I wanted to the window and looked out. I saw that the wind was blowing really hard and the clouds were black like a major storm was coming. I ran to the door to hold the door because the wind was going to blow the door open and trying to warn with a shout for them to run and hide. As I was holding the door, the wind pushed the door open so hard, I slid on my feet across the floor about 2 yards. The next thing I saw was the city where I live completely destroyed. We could barely get out of our house. People were missing and could not be found by their loved ones. They had signs or posters and were on the news looking for their loved ones who were missing after the storm. My house was destroyed and a traffic light stuck in the side of the house and I could see many upset people and many hurt being gathered at a hospital and to building to like a shelter and to put their missing loved ones on this list. Their was debris everywhere and nothing but destruction. My sister was sitting on the floor with her second child holding his head in distress as my mom looked at her and sat on my floor with her. I told her not to worry and that I know somebody to help him, but I was talking about Jesus. I saw her take him in to the hospital and helped the rest of the family out of my destroyed house. My mom was the last to be brought it the house in which she act like she didn't want to come out. I saw her standing on a balcony at a hotel taking to an old friend and at the same time I could see all the aftermath of the storm. Abs how sad and distraught everyone was as the chaos.

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