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What can you do with this mountain?

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I dreamed last night that I was on a cruise hosted by Oprah Winfrey and another celebrity.  Oprah was wearing a gold, sequined dress. Queen Elizabeth was on board as well. I saw her in passing several times and I remember thinking, "I can't believe I am in that close proximity to her!"

At one point, we came to a port and some people disembarked. The place we went was not all that impressive, but I found myself talking to an older man, a real estate tycoon, who was on the ship, but was also an investor in the area. He was a billionaire and had this big wad of money he flashed around. He was telling me that he had plans for this area to improve it and make it tourist-friendly or to attract other buyers. I don't think he represented the Lord, because he seemed to be all about making money. He was nice though. He showed me a muddy mountain with a few houses on top and I could see that it could become an exclusive community with a little work.

Then another man, also rich, but not as successful as the former man, talked to me. We were at the same location and he was talking about what a dump the place was. This man was also in real estate. I looked at that mountain and I saw what it could be. I noticed three deep grooves in the mountain and I said, "Yes, there is something that can be done with this mountain! You could turn the mountain into huge slides in the winter and kids could slide down on the snow and ice. It could be a ski resort." I told him about the other man I talked to. I briefly described him and he asked if he had a big wad of money he flashed around and I said, "Yes." He said, "That is Mr. Talleysman". He was very familiar with the man. I could tell that he admired the older man, but was a little annoyed with him at the same time because this man had natural talent and vision. The man I was talking to would never be as rich as Mr. Talleysman and he knew it.

I was back on the ship and I ran into my dad. I asked if he had seen Queen Elizabeth yet and he chuckled and said, no. He was amused that everyone else seemed to have caught a glimpse of her but him.

side note: I looked up talleyman and it means one who tallies, checks or keeps account of.

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