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I had a dream just last night!!! In the dream I was walking around in the school parking lot explaining to people the three different types of light. I would first explain the light that we can see wich is sunlight and I would go on to explain that darkness is exposed with light. The I went on to? Explain that there is the ultraviolet light that we cannot see and then I went on to say then there is the light of God that penatrates even the soul and as I was saying this I started to feel e presence of God so strongly then I was consumed in his light and it was so bright that all I seen was white and all I could do was sit there and worship its literally all I could do.... It was like I was limp and could not move in his presence and then all of a sudden I was singing with this group of people somewhere and also carman was there singing with us and I remember crying so much while singing cause the presence of God felt so so so good. And then I woke up and even had real tears in my eyes when I woke up.

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