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Dreamed about going to Magic Mountain.

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Dreamed about going to Magic Mountain. 7-31-2014

I went to get on the ride in Magic mountain with two other ladies that were friends of mine I did not know them in Real Life. As we met the lady at the counter said it would cost $42 dollars. So I handed her $50 dollars. She turned and gave us some like little tiny glass sample jar thingys to put like dirt in or whatever we find we want a sample of. Then she thanks us and I am like, “You did not give me change, I gave you fifty dollars.” So then she gives me my change and we head off to get on the ride only there is a huge line of hundreds of people and I am like, I am not sure I want to stand in that line. Then the next thing I know I am with three other people I know. My friends Nat and Sara and their kids and then a guy I know. The guy I knew told Sara and Nat he would help get their cloths washed so he took their clothes and disappeared. I had to go to the bathroom so I told them and I headed for where the bathrooms were. I had to pass this stage area where they were putting on a show for the people right then and there. I pushed this fake animal out of the way on the stairs and made my way in front of the stage to get to the bathroom and I see my guy friend watching the show. It was like a hotel in a way where the show was.. So I get into the bathroom and there were these washer and dryers. I looked in to see if they were still being used because I saw Nat and Sara's clothes on the ground by it, but they were still in use. Then the next thing I know when I come out of the bathroom the place is closing and and I had to find my friends. I go to the bottom where the food was and they were all eating without me. So I grabbed some chicken at a chicken place and the chicken was not cooked all the way so I took it back and told them to cook it until it is done. I went to another stand and asked them for some vegetables. It was a nice fatherly man and hie wife. They smiled and and made up a plate of veggies and I am like how much is that going to cost me? They said, 1 dollar. I was amazed because I thought it would cost allot. I was amazed here I had been there all day and missed everything and did not get to do anything. Not one ride ,not one show nothing and I paid the price to do it all.

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