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Obama and Putin

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My husband had a dream the other night that he was watching President Obama and Russian President Putin. They didn't know anyone was watching and they were very friendly with each other and my husband said you could tell they were involved in something together that they thought no one else was aware of. Like what you see in the news is a front and behind the scenes they were working together. In the dream my husband became angry and he took out a gun, shooting at them both, feeling he had to stop them. But the bullet curved away from them before it hit them and my husband was immediately arrested and was being taken to jail. He wasn't going to be given a trial, was just told he would rot there and never get to see his family again. Our daughter was in tears, saying, "but Daddy, you will never get to see me grow up!" as they were taking him away.
That was the dream. My husband said it was very disturbing and he was glad to awaken from it!
Any ideas? Thanks!!

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