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A church divded into three parts and Las Vegas

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Dream about Twain and Las Vegas. July 2, 2014

I was with someone or heard someone say a T word which I associated it with Twain. Then I went back home to my aunts house and some gal I knew from before who I do not know in real life moved in next door to my aunts house. I greeted this women I do not know in real life and she was living with these two huge guys. I had met the guy and began to tell them I was going to go to this T country. In Twain. Then the next thing I know I am at this huge gigantic church. The one lady and the two huge guys came with me to church. The church was segregated into three parts. On the left side of the church was on one level and the then in the middle of the church was on a lower level, and then on the right side of the church it was on the same level as the left side of the church. So all three parts of the church was filled with people. I was on the right side of the church. On my side there were these long tables and in the middle of these long tables was a swimming pool. So the long tables where set to make a square all around the pool. I sat facing the this long white chalk board and screen. My friend with one of the huge guys that came to church with me where also on my side, they were sitting at the end of the table to my right. The other guy was with the group in the center of the church. There were two men teaching us. They had this huge white screen come down and as they were teaching they had these tears come down their faces. I could see they were fake tears. I said to myself, “ They have Todd Bentley's fake tear crying anointing. (Not sure why I would say that have nothing against told Bentley) Then the huge man who came with me to church who was sitting in the center of the church came in and handed me a white envelope. I opened the envelope and it had a letter and 20 dollars dropped out of it. The letter read something like, “ We know your heart in the mission field and I want to support you and help you. He said all of these encouraging words. It was like this guy saw everything I had done even though he did not know me. Then he came walking in again to my table dropped another 20 dollar bill and he did this a several more times and said, “ I just want to bless your trip. Then the other guy who is on the right side of the table on my side of the church walks over and drops an envelope as well in front of me and smiles and returns to his seat. I open the letter and another 20 dollars falls out. I read the letter and it says, “ It says, “ I see you as a women of character and integrity and honor, I want to bless your next trip.” I thought to myself these guys do not even know me and they are sowing into me and talking as if they do know me more then the people that know me. I was floored.

The next thing I know I am packed up and moving to Las Vegas and my friend Donna is with me in another car fallowing me to help me move. Then she drops off and vanishes and is no longer with me to help me. I am driving now in between two eighteen wheeler trucks on this narrow highway on my way to Las Vegas.

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