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nuclear bomb

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So in this particular dream, I was in the military and we (and by we I mean platoon) we were scouting around town, but this town was kinda of empty, there were buildings and people but it was very small. Anyway, our jobs were basically to look out for any signs of the enemy, and we were all paired up in two's looking around. And I was paired up with this older man, and as we were looking around he was telling me that he knew specifically what we were looking for, and I asked him, what are we looking for?" He told me to look up for nuclear bombs, and to expect 2 of them, one to come at us, and one that would fly right past us aimed at someone else. I didn't want to believe him, but all of a sudden I hear sirens and I look overhead and sure enough there were 2 nuclear I guess missiles would be more accurate, and the one aimed at us, hit the town and the other one just flew past us. So I turn around and I see the damage, there was a bridge completely destroyed and buildings all disheveled. But neither me or my comrade were hurt not even phased and I was wondering how I wasn't killed by it. But we go back to check on everything and everyone to see if anyone survived and a few of them did, in fact, shortly after that my girlfriend went into labor, and the survivors were all around her and while I was trying to scout the area for people who needed help, I was there with my girlfriend and I had put my hand on her belly. I woke up after that. I have feelings about this dream and I am praying about it, but some help and perspective would be appreciated. Thank you so much :)

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