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Naked and Waiting

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Two nights ago I had a dream that I am still trying to interpret. I was hoping that maybe someone here could help me.

I was in a very nice building that I believed to be a hotel. I remember deciding that I needed to get on the elevator so I ran towards the elevator area, while removing every article of clothing from my body. I don't remember what I was wearing except the last piece I removed was yellow underwear. By the time I reached the elevators I was completely naked. I walked up as if it were completely normal and stood there among a large group of other people looking up at the elevator numbers as the floors changed. I could feel people looking at me and staring, but I didn't care. I even heard people whispering and making comments, and that did not bother me either! I was naked and UN-ashamed! I remember at one point looking down at my stomach and noticing how flat it was then smiling. (This is not true in reality..) Finally the elevator arrived and it seemed like there was a stampede to get on, this elevator was going up, but there was another elevator behind me so I decided to wait for the next one since this one was so full. I didn't seem to be in a hurry, I just wanted to make sure I got on the elevator.

One thing I noticed was that when I was waiting for the first elevator, there were so many people that I was almost lost in the crowd. Although many had seen me when I first walked up, not everyone could see me once I stood among the crowd that was waiting for the elevator. However, now that the majority of those who had been waiting had gotten on the elevator, I was completely exposed and the comments and stares began again.  Even still, I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed.

The second elevator arrived and when it opened there was a man operating the door, and another standing inside. I got in, moving quickly thinking that everyone was going to try and get in this elevator as well. But to my surprise, I was the only one. The door closed, and then it suddenly started going down. I remember thinking, "oh no! I got in the wrong elevator! I was supposed to be going up!" But for whatever reason I wasn't worried, and by now had completely forgotten about my nudity.

The elevator began to slow down and it stopped on a surface but it wasn't a normal surface, and when I looked out of the elevator doors I noticed it had stopped on water, a lake or river... before I knew it, the elevator had turned into a boat. So finally I asked the guy who had been the door operator, where he was going. He mentioned a military city/base, and I told him I need to go in a different direction. So he said he would help me get there. During this time the other elevator passenger was as also in the boat. The operator took me to the gas station and told me he would help me find a taxi. We saw one with a female driver but we couldn't flag her down. Then we saw another one and it stopped. I thanked the operator, he waved to me out of a window, and I started walking towards the cab.

This was all that happened in my dream. I know that it has to have meaning because the symbols seem so significant. I really would appreciate if someone could help shed light...

Thank you so much! Blessings,
Naked and NOT Ashamed!! lol!

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laugh indeed,, um im thinking its about your inner state of being, like being yourself, not concerned about wat others think or say, perhaps a non conformer,  :hairraising: :whew: transperant, which can be unsettleing for others, elevater is a significant drm symboll, can mean promotion, and note peaple to help you on your path ,,

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