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A lesson in life?

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Last night I had a strange dream. A few years ago I worked with a couple of kids. One of them was an arrogant troublemaker. Intelligent, but arrogant. In that dream he was making fun of me, and when I approached him he ran away, turned around and hurled even further insults well knowing that I could never run as fast as him. Well, what did I do? I saw his bag in the grass and gave it a couple of kicks. I also told him that he should get his act together as he is no longer in school and that such actions tend to have consequences in the real world. This got him to shut up.

Frankly, I don’t like my aggressive behaviour in retrospect, but fact is that I do take serious issues with people who make fun of other people just because they think that they can. I like to see it as me teaching him a lesson for life, but I am really wondering whether that is something I should work on. Seriously, I am still wondering what to make of this.

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