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A Series of Similar Dreams

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Night 1

I dreamed the following: In the dream I felt like I was dreaming about a school filled with christian teenagers and children who were being attacked by Muslim militants. In the dream I was in the school with the family I was staying with and we were all around a table in the school. Everyone was talking and laughing and having a good time. I tried several times to get the attention of the family because they had children going to this school. After many unsuccessful attempts I was only able to tell the children what I dreamed and I was able to get them out of the school just before the Muslim militants attacked the school.

Night 2

I dreamed the following: I did not feel like I was dreaming in the dream this time. However I dreamed about the women at my church, we were try to organize a function (do not know what the function was). However no one could come to a common agreement of how we should proceed. This subsequently broke out into confusion, people feeling like they are constantly being taken advantage of, some feeling misunderstood, others that their opinions did not matter. In addition to this the Pastor's wife was adamant the whatever the ladies group decided the church would not be giving financial assistance to it. When the meeting erupted into confusion I went out-side. The same time I saw a friend of mine and she asked me what I was doing here and I proceeded to tell her what was going on. Shortly after the Pastor's wife came outside inquiring why I was standing outside but I continued talking to my friend.
In this same dream while the meeting that led to the confusion was going on, I was basically in and out of the meeting. This is because I was attending to a multitude of children between the ages of 4-7. They seemed to be coming down with some illness maybe the cold so I was giving them a tonic to help fight off the cold.

Night 3

My mother, an unknown woman and myself were walking on a board walk. We entered a building at the end of the board walk. In the building had a huge tree with a very large trunk. It seemed to have been there for years. Then someone said (I'm not sure if it was my mother or the unknown woman) 'look a snake'. My mother or myself said 'bring a cutlass'. I saw the snake it was sliver (shiny) dark grey and light blue in some areas. It was slithering in the tree as soon as it saw me it disappeared into the tree trunk and it seemed to become apart of the trunk. I could see the movement of the snake as it went up the inside of the tree trunk.
I awoke suddenly out of the dream, prayed pleaded the blood and went back to sleep.

This same night, I began dreaming that I was walking along a crossroad in the shape of a cross or hashtag (#). The streets were in the middle of what seemed to be a dense forest. As I was walking along the road. The same snake appeared in one of the tree nearby, this time it was charging at me and I began running straight ahead, not looking back. As I was running a white van (which looked like a wholesale van) passed me. I kept on running. At the end of the road I turned right and I entered a rural village where I saw two women talking. I walked past them and entered what looked like a Community Center. There I sat and was waiting to speak to a lawyer friend of mine. I was calm at this point.

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