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Corpses Prepared for Burial?

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I will try to recall as much as possible. I had this dream shortly before waking up today:

There were three or maybe four cadavers that were to be buried the next day. The man who was preparing them put them in a bed lying next to one another. I could never see his face. I remember thinking it was strange that an undertaker would be storing bodies in a domestic setting. One of the corpses tried to get up but he caught the woman and put her back in bed. He laid them on top of the covers. I remember him talking to them as if they could hear him. Okay this part is gross, but he pointed out that they were leaking from their lower orifices and had to stay on the bed. That's when I noticed the damp stains on the coverlet.

He lined them up again and left for the night. After he left, the woman raised up again. She seemed to be addressing me (not sure) as she crossed the room to a vanity table where she picked up a brush and began brushing her hair. She said that she was not going to be seen looking that way (unkempt) and complained about someone, maybe a female relative, who didn't do right by her by making sure she looked presentable for her burial.

I'm not sure why I was there but there was no way I was touching any of them if they got up! Then I woke up...

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