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Vision of Jesus

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My family and I, namely myself and mother were in a building but not in the same room. She called me on the phone to say she had this concoction made up that would end my misery. I agreed and continued what I was doing. I did not seem in bad spirits and neither did she before or after the call. Later on I had a vision of Jesus, he was clothed in stunning white robes and glowed brightly. He was holding his hand out to me asking me to take it. When he took my hand he was going to pull me away from my body I knew but I was overjoyed. After the vision I went about my day normally, and had a thought that maybe taking this stuff mother had made for me was suicide but shrugged it off because of the vision. The rest of the dream consisted of me getting ready to do an obstacle course with friends and family, but I was dressed in shorts which I never wear and had to go change.

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