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Hello I would like to know if you could help me figure this dream interpretation? The dream goes like this, I was sitting in traffic. I noticed this purple van with a silver bottom detail on the van on the opposite side of the street going the opposite direction. It was a black man in the van with his window down. He was stairing at me like he spotted me in traffic. I glanced at my rear view mirror and noticed he made a U-turn to see if he could get up to where I was in traffic. I noticed him in the far right lane maybe one or two cars down from me on my right. Keep in mine this is a three lane street. There were two suv jeeps one on each side of me on my left and right. I was in the middle. In these suv's were it appears to have been two asian ladies one in each suv. I looked to my left and smiled at the lady in the suv to my left and then smiled to the lady in the suv to my right. I received the same response by each of them looking at me and facing forward minding their buisness. I then noticed on the opposite side of the street was a Wegmans Art Gallery Museum/Cafe I them noticed myself inside the building. I saw this caucasian lady giving this (buisness like with a suit)caucasian man a tour of the museum. It was very elegant and fancy. Then I woke up. What could be the meaning of this dream? I really would appreciate your help! God Bless You!

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