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Jennie the Jesus-lover

Demonic attack on family and fighting with the demon

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I was with my sister and brother discussing something in my kitchen and hanging out. And then I heard squeaking like the sound of somebody with sneakers deliberately dragging their feet to make the sound. And none of us were doing that so I asked if it was just me or can they hear it too. And then they listened, got terrified and made these terrifying screams of extreme fear and because of that(I have strong empathy towards others) I felt like I wanted to be scared too. But then I resisted and got right to casting out in Jesus' name business. Over and over again saying "Jesus of Nazereth" because saying "in Jesus name" I couldn't get past saying "in" without feeling paralyzed or frozen or something. As this went on I sensed the demon was trying to drive me away so that it can do what it wants with my sister and brother. As long as I was pleading Jesus' name they were protected by His blood because I was there pleading it. Towards the ending of the dream I was laying in bed and there was an arm all dark and black by the demon trying to put its' hand over my face and I responded by biting at its' arm defensively like a canine or horse would do. And then I woke up.

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