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Flying over water

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It started off with me being in an aeroplane.

Then I wasn't in the plane anymore, I was flying using my arms.
A friend that I haven't spoken to in a year, was flying next to me.
We were flying over the most beautiful water. I said "hey, that's Inanda Dam".
I am from South Africa and "Inanda " means "beautiful" in Zulu.

It was so wonderful to be flying.
At first, I was very high up and then I came closer to the water.
I felt like I was coming down too quickly.
I looked behind me as I reached the bottom and saw an eagle swoop
into the water.
At that point I wondered if I was an eagle too because I couldn't
see my body.

From high up, the water looked deep but when I landed it was shallow.
I saw the heel of my friend's foot.
Then we got into a shabby bus and someone said to "return to the usual seating arrangements".
I was then back at work and having to write out cheques for my boss who kept on changing her
mind as to what amount she wanted. It was very frustrating.

Also, a few weeks ago, I had a dream about numbers.
It was a bold 6 and a bold 8.
I woke up with a sense that they were milestones.
In 6 weeks something would happen and the 8 weeks after that something would happen.

I checked my calendar and 6 weeks from the dream is just before my
32nd birthday. 8 weeks after that is just before Christmas.

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