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Worlds Army

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I was in an army of sorts, there were people from all over the world in it, men and women. We are standing in formation and are told to get over in formation on what looked like a floating pad that would transfer people to other places. As we run onto the pad we realize we aren't in a good position and the pad tilts too much, we start falling off but are over a large tank of water. As we fall in the water, something sucks us down further, it goes a long ways down. I thought I would run out of breath but when we reach a certain depth the water is filled with little bubbles so that we can breathe. When I came up from the water there were some of us in formation, some scattered about. I think we were there to help in some mission. The place looked like a desert. There was a voice over a loudspeaker saying that we were fooled, that the enemy tricked us, and something about Egypt being a part. I started running, and witnessed a whole formation of mostly male soldiers being shot in the back of the head while kneeling with bullets and arrows. I ran further away feeling afraid until I came upon another formation of female soldiers who were also kneeling, with guns pointed at their heads. I ran to the front of the formation and kneeled myself. I started praying to God that this was it and I was ready.

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