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Cruise ship, John Paul Jackson is the captain and Nazi flag tattoo...

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I dreamed that I was on a cruise ship and the captain was John Paul Jackson. I remember the water was a brilliant blue color and I loved it and was in awe of the beauty. I met someone on the ship and married him without knowing him, although he did say he was a Christian. I then got scared because I thought maybe he would be an abuser or something and I was worried that I had forfeited my promised husband. I thought to myself, "but I just couldn't wait any longer" and I sort of hardened my heart towards my feelings about giving my promise away.

Next, I was back on board the ship. The cruise was about over and it was coming up to the dock, but wasn't quite there yet. I noticed a boat that was docked that we had taken an excursion on earlier. I jumped off the boat to get onto it, but water rushed into the boat and I realized I had made a mistake so I got back on the main ship.

Lastly, as if was waiting for the ship to dock, I had been sitting on the wooden deck that had various countries' flags painted on it. It was a ship that catered to many counties so this was not unusual. When I got up, I had three flags "tattooed" on my left calf. I say tattooed because that's what it looked like but I knew it wasn't permanent. The paint had transferred to my leg. The three flags were the Scottish flag, British and the Nazi flag. I was shocked, but laughed because I knew that my friends and family would think I had gotten a tattoo, but also because I would NEVER associate myself with anything Nazi. I remember asking someone to take a pic because it was so laughable. I remember seeing where we would dock and planning to meet my ride home. The sun was setting by this time and I knew it would be dark by time we made the hour and a half home.

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