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A large bird creating chaos over a crowd of people

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Hey all, not sure who's around these neck of the woods now-a-days but its been some months since I've been online.

In my dream I could hear a crowd of people screaming....they seemed to be reacting to something happening. I look up and I see a large bird circling the sky.... As a bird does before he swoops down to catch his prey. It looked like a large eagle but I'm not sure. The motion of the bird circling around seemed to control whatever it was causing the crowd to scream. I started to walk in the direction where I heard the screaming to see what was going on. As I reached the crowd I could see that they were all on a beach. The bird had trapped them by causing the beach to rise on one side, creating a huge steep sand dune that was impossible to climb.

I look up and see that the large bird had created a large dark storm cloud above the people. The cloud was in the shape of the birds foot...it was very large and wide, it was spread out as if the foot was webbed. I knew that the bird was going to cause this cloud to crush the crowd of people. Just like a foot would crush an ant. There was no where for anyone to go but in the water. The water seemed to be infested?? I have a question there because I'm not sure what was in the water....maybe jellyfish, I don't know....but I know the water was dangerous. I remembered that I had family that was there at that beach, a brother. So I began to look for him. I was trying to figure out how I would get him out. My thought was....if I can find him, and find a stable spot, I could pull him out. I heard someone saying that the crowd was trapped and would have to endure this throughout the night, in dangerous waters.

Upon waking up I was focused on the bird. Because it looked like an eagle I thought it represented God and his judgement. But then I couldn't think of anything biblical that would have an eagle representing God in a destructive way. I prayed and asked God...I haven't received anything yet but did receive a thought that the eagle represented the US government. Praying for confirmation on that. thanks

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