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God comes to visit

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My friend and I were riding along in what appeared to be an open top hovercar. She was driving, and we were going to some holy ruin that humans were not supposed to touch. As we were riding another hover car dropped down beside us. God was in the driver seat, he had sunglasses on, I knew he was not in his true form but in disguise, and said “Don't touch it (my friends name), don't touch it.” He then drove off, and my friend continued to the ruin anyway. As we landed my friend got out of the car and we started exploring. She started touching all the parts that weren't holy, (the holy parts were gold) and God came over and put a hand on her shoulder then turned around and did a half smile at me. He was very tall, short brown hair and a stubbly face and wearing a black suit. Then some thug type men came into the ruin looking to pick a fight, I was hiding behind a pillar and saw God run off because he didn't want to directly fight the men.

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