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Years of snake dreams - and now this

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For many years I've had dreams of snakes - really awful snakes.

In one, I was a passenger in a helicopter, hovering over a swamp in which a man was struggling in the water. A huge snake was moving like lightning towards him. I didn't see what happened, but the next thing that I knew, I had fallen in the swamp and the snake got me right in the thigh.

I could feel the fangs and was trying with one hand to get him off and away from me, and swim with the other.

Not a nice dream.

But for the most part, the general theme of the majority of dreams was the same: as I came into each dream, an extremely deadly and angry snake had been contained, usually in a suitcase or duffel bag, and everyone had walked away, feeling safe that the problem was taken care of.

But I could see the snake working its way out of the bag, and when it got out it was enraged and evil, and would usually try to attack me.

Either I would wake up, or - in one dream - stuck a plastic fork in its mouth before waking up.

But a couple of weeks ago, I did a phone prayer appointment with a ministry that deals in generational deliverance and healing (some things had come to light in other dreams that were confirmed in real life having to do with my grandparents, etc.). I don't know if I can say the name of the ministry here?

I have to say I don't think that I noticed anything different in my life after the prayer time, but they do say you might want to wait about six months sometimes to look back and see how/if things have changed.

But the other night, I had a dream, and only remembered a small portion of it. For some silly reason I wasn't going to write it down....but eventually I did.

The part that I remember is that I was outside with my family, and I was walking over to my work boots to put them on to go help my husband with something (I don't own work boots in real life.....)

As I did, I was halfway noticing that there were some dead snakes on the ground, but as I got to my boots I saw that one was almost encrusted into the bottom of my boot. My husband thinks it's funny to kill bugs with MY shoes, so in the dream I assumed it was him and was annoyed, and was trying to get the bits of flattened snake off of the bottom of the boot. I was surprised to see that the head of the snake was really large, and not flattened - but it was absolutely positively dead.

I have no idea why it's taken me three or four days to realize the interpretation of this dream!

Every day when I have some prayer time, I 'put on the whole armor of God'. When I put on the shoes of peace, I quote the line that says 'And the God of peace shall soon crush satan under your feet'. !!

This is my first dream of dead snakes....and I love that God spoke to me in a language that I understand.

Now in the morning, when I put on the whole armor of God, I put on the BOOTS of peace! :whew:

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Snakes, in my dreams anyway, always represent real life problems. Where the snakes are or what they are doing represent where in life the problem will arise. This dream is an awesome encouragment that a problem that you are helping your husband with, the size of the problem is usually symbolized by the size of the snake, is going to be overwhelming defeated by you.


Please come back with a praise report and let us know what happens!

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Thank you Mia! I will!

In the midst of a lot of discouragement, this dream keeps giving me encouragement!

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