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Blue Ox in Dream

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I'm just trying to remember the dream that I had last night.... it was strange didn't make a lot of sense to me. Key players .....of course I'm watching things happen....there's two women and one is pregnant .....there's a group of men and focusing around the loss of an ox......and there's a person it seems to be a man maybe someone that I cared about and I was thinking it was more like my husband in my dream ..it appeared this man was responsible or being held accountable for the loss of the ox.....Something happened to this group or one member of the groups ox and the one being held responsible says he's offered to replace it but that they wanted something ridiculous like something out of reach .....something that was worth more than what they had lost. Then it focused more that they were going to kill this person that was responsible and they took him in a car and he was kind of not understanding that he was going to killed. I could watch the movements of where they were going and seemed like a high rate of speed and a lot of driving and ending up at an airport. The name Italy getting involved somehow came into my dream. I'm not sure what all the this means.... but mediators came in and asked the man why didn't replace the ox and he says he did try however all they would except was a blue ox. I do know the group was talking about them wanting to kill him and people were speaking wrong against him including these two women. I remember being verbally abusive to the women using curse words and telling people that the pregnant woman was definitely deceptive and stating that she appears to be good....but she's pregnant and she's doing drugs.

Any thoughts???
I wish I could remember more of the dream
Thank you for your help

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