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Finding Something That You Thought You No Longer Had

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I believe that these two dreams are related.

In my first dream I was about to iron a pair of pants. I checked the pants for money before I started ironing them. I pulled a key card out of my pocket. (The key card was used for opening doors). On the key card was patient registration and something about 90 days. I was saying how I didn’t know that I still had that card and how I was supposed to turn it in.

In my second dream I was looking in my backpack and I was looking for my wallet. Instead of finding my wallet I found a beeper that had something on it about a job. I was saying how I thought I had turned the beeper in.

In real life I use to work at the hospital and I had a card that allowed me to get in all the doors and I also had a beeper. I turned these items in before I left. I’m also searching for a job at the same hospital where I use to work. Any thoughts on these dreams.

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