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Shot 6 times by a strange woman

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Dear group, I need an insight in this dream.

In my dream, I was in charge of an army and we were preparing to go to war. However, my command to the army was that they were not to kill any human beingS (our bullets were rubber) When I said that, a lady right at the front of the line asked me what that actually meant, if they are going to war why shouldn't they kill? Any how I ignored her question. But as I approached to hand over a gun to her, She sniggered at me and said "I don't need your pistol". I insisted ..but she refused. As I approached her she pulled a gun out and shot me on my right thigh(above knee). There was no bleeding, I dragged her from the parade and took her to the side room and told her I was in charge of the mission and I determine what we have to do. When She challenged me again, I attacked her to near death. I beat her so much and left her for dead. When I asked my friend for my gun to finish her off, his friend started fidgeting with the gun and eventually the woman run out of the place. Anyhow before long, I was under guard by an unknown man all beaten up. She gave him a command to watch me and not to let me out of his sight. That is how I knew she was of some position/ command. But whilst he was flirting with some women, a message was passed onto me by my friend on a piece of paper (I don't remember what the message was) but after reading it,I disappeared from the place. I went to a place I had been at the start of the dream my command post. But the woman found me and wanted to take me from the place, but I refused. Instead I arrested her again asking for my gun, my friend tried to fire it but it couldn't when he threw it at me.. I tried it but there were no bullets she then looked at me and shot me in my stomach. As I bent down holding my stomach she mumbled something as if to say I will finish her off. She shot me in my left palm 3 times and once on my chest. None of these wounds bled but I was down at this point. As she left the room, I stood up and walked to another place where I used someone else's toilet to ease myself. I then left the place and started organising a group of children Sunday school for an activity. They seemed like many of them and it felt like I was starting over (new beginning) when I jumped out of my sleep very scared!
It would also appear like in my dream I was trying to protect a child that had been take away from me. It didn't feel like this baby was mine (and this woman desperately wanted this child and she took her but I was fighting to get her back and In the end I got her back but she was so grown up.
Someone please help me to interpret this dream. I was so frightened by it. God bless you all.


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