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INTERCEPTION!! New Military Assignment

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I had a dream that woke me completely up, and it was very vivid and clear!  Normally dreams dont fully wake me!

I had a dream that my husband was getting ready to recieve a new military assignment, and this one was for the REST of OUR lives.  I could see our family (kids husband and I) in the dream, and I knew from unidentified inside sources that this next assignment was NOT going to be good for our family!  I somehow knew that his new commanding officer was horrible to work for!  I could see her and her crew somehow, and they were on a cruise ship, and it was heading West in the dream on the open Sea. Her crew was NOT happy!  In the dream, this was already a set course that was already purposed and assigned for my husband and our family! During the dream, I was instrumental in guiding my husband before the official assignment came along (somehow we knew he had been assigned to her before it was presented to him).  I encouraed him to start to reach out to the ONLY other option for a commanding officer.  I could see this officer, his ship, and his crew too! This cruise ship was heading EAST along the open Sea.  I seen the crew was happy, and knew this man was FUN to be assigned underneath!  Once my husband reached out to this man, he had TOTAL favor with him!!  I knew from this moment that his course had been changed!  I felt such a JOY, and I heard the word, 'INTERCEPTION', in the dream.  I felt like an interception victory had taken place, and that he wouldn't have to work for the woman AT ALL, let alone for the rest of our lives!!!  I AWOKE TO THE WORD "INTERCEPTION"!

My husband used to be in the miitary, but is not any longer.  He is an assistant management for a huge retail chain.  He is very good at what he does!  Amazing Actually!!! He is very close to getting his own store to manage, we have been notified that his hours will be changing after the holidays.  These hours will not be very great for our family, but it will only be for a short time so that he can finish his training to get to the next level of management.  This will be the last stretch for our family, until he gets the next promotion.  Then the hours will be much more family friendly.  

Even though my son just started playing football, I pretty much know nothing about the sport.  So I actually had to look up what the word interception meant...lol!  lol!

Thoughts and comments welcome!!!  =)

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