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Guy Standing Up and Then Sitting Down

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I had a moving vision of a guy from college that I have not seen in a few years.

I saw this guy sitting down in a crowded restaurant. I saw him from behind and I saw him stand up and then he sat down. I noticed in this vision that he was facing other people but he wasn't actually sitting with anyone at this table.

Some months later I had a follow-up vision of the same guy in the same restaurant. This time the guy actually stood and turned around my way and walked out of the restaurant. I noticed that this guy was wearing glasses (he normally doesn't wear glasses) and he had a jewel on his penis.

I used to have a crush on this guy and I have not seen this guy in a few years. I am not in way saying that this vision means that he and I will eventually be together but I haven't seen this guy in awhile and I would like to know what this vision means and why I had it. THANKS.

I have to mention that for both visions within some months of each other I had not thought about this guy AT ALL. So maybe God is calling me to pray for this guy? Maybe I will know in time what this dream means.

I used to be insanely attracted to this guy but I seriously doubt this dream has anything to do with me. Maybe a call to intercession? No idea.

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