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A Middle Eastern Guy I Used to Know

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I knew this international student from Saudi Arabia when I was in college. I haven't seen him for a few years as I graduated from college four years ago.

Out of nowhere, I was falling asleep and I saw this guy (whom I have not thought about in awhile either) from behind in a crowded restaurant. It was dimly lit and he was sitting down. I saw this guy stand up and then sit back down, as if he changed his mind. End of that vision.

A couple of months later, I have another vision of this guy in the same position and place. I see him from behind and this time he gets up from his chair, turns around and walks away. As he turned around,I noticed that he had a jewel on his male parts and he was wearing glasses (something he doesn't wear in real life). End of vision. I know these two visions are related.

I know this paints just a general picture of what's going on; it doesn't give specifics. I believe sitting down typically symbolizes humility or passivity and standing up represents taking action.

I have no idea if this is a good vision or something I need to pray over. What are your ideas?

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