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Tini's Mom

Injured animal ...

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Hi all Im really stumped with this dream and have been thinking on it for awhile -

In the dream I am on my parents farm (but it looks unfamiliar) as I'm standing there an injured animal comes and lies down near me. I notice that there is blood spraying from its foot and it keeps spraying out. I feel really sorry for this animal and want to help it but cant or am unsure how to. I am aware of my mothers presence around.
There is then a blonde lady (I don't know irl) who wants me to go diving with her and do some activities together. I'm kind of hesistant to go with her. I then am with my mother and see this lady up close. She's wearing gym clothes and doesn't look very good close up as I thought she looked nice but realized she wasn't.

I am then climbing or walking around a fence on my parents farm and see a family friend who had come to help and was helping my parents on the farm. He then drives off in a white car. The car looks really new and quite flash and I remember feeling surprised this person owns this car. I was really surprised that was his car.

Ive recently had a dream about my parents friend who is not a Christian. However I am wondering about the significance of him driving a nice white car as this really stood out to me. Also the injured animal - I couldn't tell what kind of animal it was possibly a bull. I am wondering if this dream is to do with my family as it was on my parents property? not sure.


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Hello, Happiness -

I was thinking that the dream could be related to your family, as you suggested.

I thought that the injured animal represented a person. This would be someone that you feel sorry for and want to help, but aren't sure how - just like how you felt in the dream. Since it's on your parents' property, perhaps it's another family member or even someone connected to a family member.

In my dreams, my mother's presence is often symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

I think that the blonde lady is about a different interaction with someone. I thought that this part of your dream is more about the change in the way you view someone once you are closer; i.e., once you know more about her.

Finally, the family friend in the white car: I think that this person is either literal - or, they represent another non-Christian. I think that this part of the dream is about the feeling related to the car. When you feel the same surprise in real life, you'll know who the man represents. The white car may be something "good" or "positive" that they are doing that surprises you.

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