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Dogs and newspaper article

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Last night I had a dream and it involved my sister and dogs. There were three dogs and they belonged to my sister.... one dog seemed healthy, well fed  and chunky...the two others were very skinny and near death. One dog was outside and tied up on a very short leash so that the dog had to stay on the back of the house's outside steps.  I remember thinking how cruel to leave this dog out here like that and untied and brought the dog inside...It seems like that dog was the healthy one. None of the dogs were aggressive at all. I remember someone coming over to the house and I was worried and not wanting them think that the sickly dogs were mine. That's when the dream turned to a flash of a newspaper article that read "lonewolf attack in New". It's as if I couldn't see the rest of the article but I knew that it was "New Orleans" and then the dream shifted back to the dogs and I don't remember much after that

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