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Pregnant and husband investing in land

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Hi all :)

I woke up from this dream this morning. My husband and I were in a car and he was driving me to the hospital because I was having a baby (which would be impossible in real life). Someone called him and asked him if he was going to bring by the money for the land that he said he would invest in with them. He told the person that he couldn't right now because he had to get his wife to the hospital because she was about to have a baby. I felt that he was trying to avoid giving the money for the land by using my pregnancy as an excuse. I knew there was time to drop off the money, so I said to him, "There's still time to do that before I have the baby." I wasn't concerned at all about having the baby on the way because I knew there was still plenty of time.

He then decided to take the money to the friend for the land.

Then, after the dream, in real life, my mother sent me a text saying that she had a hard time sleeping last night and woke up at 5:20. That is the exact time my first child was born and the Lord has used it at other times when he was confirming a spiritual birth of some kind.

Blessings and thank you for any input the Lord may give you.

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