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I had this dream same night of 25/1/15, A friend brought a film to me telling me to watch it, it was put on and I appeared to be watching it on my own. The film was about a Gorilla. Just one glance at the film I noticed behind me where I was sitting, a Gorilla chasing some people down the jungle. I was surprised how could this be real but laughed as I thought the Gorilla was fake and the people did not realised it. It was as if the fake Gorilla was from the shooting of the film I was watching. I stood there and saw the Gorilla coming back towards me. I was not afraid, very calm as I thought it was a fake Gorilla until the Gorilla moved closer I then realised it was not fake but real Gorilla. I was not afraid still, but kind of calm and the Gorilla was comfortable. I offered the Gorilla a banana, peeled it and he was eating it and I woke up.

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Hello, PrincessAde2 -

When I read your dream, I feel that it is prophetic for the way you view a future threat in real life.

When we are shown things on TV or in a movie within a dream, that's often symbolic for something prophetic.

You saw a movie about a Gorilla. If I had this dream, I would take it as being given a prophetic word from someone else (or, perhaps the Holy Spirit showing me something, personally) about some kind of threat.

The real life Gorilla appeared at almost the same time, which tells me that the manifestation of the threat is not long after the prophetic warning. The thing is, you were certain that the Gorilla was fake within the dream - so, in real life, when the threat appears, your natural reaction may be to dismiss it while it's still a ways away from you. Once the Gorilla was closer to you in the dream, you realized that this is, in fact, the real thing. In real life, this tells me that you will eventually see this threat for what it is.

The encouraging part is your response to it. You were calm and unafraid in the dream, and you were equipped to deal with the threat.

*On a side note: I've moved this dream to the "Dreams and Visions to be Interpreted" area of the forum. "Dreams Interpreted" (where this was originally posted) is for dreams where the meaning is already understood. People looking to help you interpret a dream are much more likely to look in the "...to be Interpreted" area of the site.


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