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Having A Very Rude Attitude

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I had a dream a few nights ago that I moved back to my hometown, but was living in another part of town from where I grew up in. One of my firends from that town was asking how I'm liking it and I'm finding it ok, but I barely had much time to do much there.

Later in that dream I was somehow overseas with my family in London England (We spent Christmas in the UK this past year in real life) and I'm having this very horrible attitude where I'm very angry and very rude to my parents (which is rather unlike me in real life) and I keep trying to rebel against them, and my mom was furious at me, even telling me to go back and that she doesn't want to see me for the rest of the night, and offering to drive me home (or back to wherever we were staying in England). In the dream I'm just wandering around taking photos, at one point I was at Trafalgeur Square, and my sister is near these police box things, and finally when I do calm down and come to them in the end we end up praying with a bunch of strangers, (apparently it was Brittney Spears' family) and there's a lady there who spoils a surprise about a BBQ the next day, and upon realising she leaked information I wasn't supposed to hear, she tries to cover it up by saying that we're heading back home the next day, or that night. It as a very intereresting and unusual.

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