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Dreams of childhood places?

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Last night I dreamed two dreams containing people, places and things from my childhood;
Dream one; I was in my home church, the church I grew up attending, same church my parents and paternal grandparents had attended. In fact this church was pioneered and built by my great-grandparents. The church, in real life, still stands, but no longer has regular services, just community revivals. In the dream I was there and it was after services. There was a family there that we currently do attend church with. The lady of this couple comes across so fake to me, but other than that, I do not know them well. The dream consisted of needing to lock up the church and go home, but this lady and her children had decided to settle in and were spreading their things all over the church, even though it was clear no one else was there and I was waiting on them to leave.
Dream two; I was in my childhood home, and my grandfather came. He is the same one I attended church with as a child, and we were close. He died almost 30 years ago. In the dream he sat at the dining table (an antique my parents used when he was alive, but it has been in storage about 15 years) and was darning a sock. He wore a jade beaded necklace that looked like one my grandmother may have worn. I asked if he wanted me to darn the sock for him (he was darning it while he wore it) but he told me no, he had gotten pretty good at darning his own socks. He then wanted to get a picture of me and my mother before he left and we posed in front of the old dining table. I started to tell him how close me and me dad (his son) were now, to tell him some stories Dad had shared with me about him, but I stopped myself when my mother stood beside me, afraid I would hurt her feelings, since I talk a lot to my dad but not to her (this is true in real life also). Before my grandfather could take his picture, a lady arrived at my mother's house with a box of curtains she was trying to give away. Since I am interesting in getting new drapes for my family room (in real life!) I was looking through her box.
Any ideas? Both dreams were cut short by the dogs awakening me, but I felt like they both meant something. Thank you!

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