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Black Widow Spider

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I dreamt I was going to have something done and it seemed to me that it was more involved than what I had thought. When I got there it was like I was going to have to lay on some kind of table to have it done and it was going to make me kind of be dead but not dead

That's when I looked and I could see somebody that was in a bag like I was going to be and they were still alive and I didn't like that and then I remember there was a teddy bear

in the dream I felt bad because I hadn't taken care of the teddy bear maybe kind of neglected it

And on the teddy bear was a huge very big black widow ..the red color of the spider stuck out in the dream.... I didn't know the spider was there and discovered it just then and was surprised to see it and had a Web all over the bottom of the teddy bear

They were people around me that saw the spider to and I tried to act like it had just spun the web when I was kind of trying to hide that I really wasn't taking care of the teddy bear. I remember someone was going to try to get the spider off the teddy bear for me

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