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newborn baby, who looked just like his father.

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A couple of nights ago I had a dream of myself having had a newborn baby by a man whom is now deceased. He was a very good looking man. In this dream I had the newborn baby boy inside of a baby carrier, I was holding the carrier in my right hand. The carrier was white, the baby boy had dark curly hair, white and yellow clothes on. The baby boy was very handsome, had beautiful black big eyes that twinkled and a precious smile on his face. I was amazed to that the baby boy had the same features as his father. He was gorgeous. As I held the baby, the dream turned into me watching from I believe it was a side walk. I was watching his father talk to other men in front of an apartment building. I was happy to see him, but he did not see me. Later the dream turned into me standing beside the seating in a large sports stadium, it was kind of shadowy in there, but I noticed the baby's father again. He was sitting there with others. As I stood there I wondered what he would think of his child. Some how, someone took the baby to him in the baby carrier. He did not send the baby back or reject him. Then the dream turned into me being inside of and sky scraper. It had nice lighting inside of it. I did not notice any furniture or anything of the sort. I just knew that I was on one of the top floors, some how I knew the baby was on his way to me. As I waited, I wondered if the father loved the child.. All of a sudden I received a phone call from the front desk.( I in-visioned a front desk man with a grey, bluish suit on and a hat that matched.) He called to let me know the babies father had been calling over and over again to make sure the baby was safe. At that moment I knew the baby's Father loved the baby boy very, very much. I knew this because I could feel his great concern and love for the baby boy. I was relieved. That was the end of the dream. Please if anyone has any input I would appreciate the help. Thank you very much and God bless you.

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