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Trying To Open Locker

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I was back in school and there was something I wanted to put in my locker. So, I went out to my locker but I could only remember two numbers for my combination. Even though I only knew two numbers I was still going to try to put the combination in. I started turning the dial, but each time I would go pass the number. This happened several times. I finally decided to go back in the classroom to ask the teacher. She got a key to open the locker. So, when we came back to the lockers I was panicking because I didn't know which locker was mine. They all looked the same. So, I went back in the classroom to figure out which one was mine. I saw a piece of paper and it showed that I had been assigned locker 41. I looked on the back to see if the combination was written, but it wasn't. We went back out and open the locker. I had several things I wanted to put in my locker, so I took a few things at a time. There was a crate that I was saving for last to put in my locker, but when I went back in the classroom it was missing. So, I started searching for it. I saw two but neither one were mine. The dream ended from there.

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