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Ice tsunami Tornado

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I've been having reoccurring dreams about natural disasters this is the second Tornado dream. I felt powerless and worried about my husband and children and like I don't deserve the help when I'm not sure about my husband and children.
Here is my dream:
Ice is sweeping over the Earth freezing it, but it hasn't come to where I am yet. I still have time to prepare. I see A lady I work with but don't know very well and she tells me she has a friend with an underground shelter but it's by invitation only. She takes me to meet a man and he decided I've met his approval and gives me an invitation. He warns a tsunami is coming. I can see big waves in the distance. Everyone has been separated from their loved ones. We don't have time to get to his shelter but he finds a bath tub with chains that we can hold onto four of us (don't know the other person) are in the bathtub sitting on the ground and we hold on tight to the chains. The tsunami turns into a tornado. A soon as it gets close to us I start worrying about my family. I don't know where they are or even how we got separated. Why did I get the invite and they didn't? The tornado is on me and I wake up.

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Good Morning!

Stress because I'm feeling like change is coming.

Huge Tornados full of dirt swept the earth it was really bad.

There were trailers everywhere and people were sharing trailers to survive. I didn't see any houses , stores, or normal things you'd find in a city or neighborhood just trailers and many homeless people.

There were are a lot of people begging on the streets. I saw my friend and her parents helping people. I wanted to help man named Brian Williams who was homeless, but he only wanted money and I didn't have money it was pointless since shelter and food was most important.

My husband and I ran to the nearest mini trailer that wasn't ours because a tornado was passing and it turned on it's side. my son had a bad cut on his head but he was ok.

When the tornado passed
My husband and I had our own trailer that was much much bigger and stabile so we ran to it and we let people in. I left my glasses in the mini trailer so I had to risk the tornados to go get them but I made it back.

A young woman kept asking me how I knew her boyfriend who was in our trailer and I told her the truth which was that I mentored him through a non-profit for at risk youth.

End of dream thank you for your response :-)

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