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The Pickpocket

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In this dream, I was part of a group of people in a foreign country. It felt like we were there for some kind of outreach. My understanding in the dream was that this place was India.

Our group walked through the town on our way to some rendezvous point - some meeting room within a building. As we walked through town, we crossed a street, together, and I felt something touch my back pocket. I was used to the feeling of my wallet being in this pocket, so I immediately expected a pickpocket. I was quick to react, turning around to find an Indian woman standing there. She was wearing an old-fashioned, ratty, dark blue dress with spots of white on it. I understood that, in her mind, she looked attractive in this dress. However, in reality, she did not - at least, not to me.

I still had my wallet, so I figured that I had caught her. She tried to act flirty (poorly), and I wouldn't have it. Then, she tried asking for money in some kind of half-joking way, saying, "Could you spare anywhere from $20 to a million dollars?" I ignored her and hurried to rejoin the group (I had been detained a bit with this woman while they continued walking).

The group had reached the meeting room within a building and I was walking through a hallway. I stopped at this point and actually took my wallet out. Some of my money had been taken, but not all of it. It never felt like the wallet had lost anything because she replaced the money with something as a placeholder of sorts. Instead of the bills, there were these little Valentine-like cards - all red, white, pink, and with hearts and stuff on them. I had ended up with a few of them.

Now, I get that this is some kind of warning dream since, at this time, nothing is going on like this and the feelings don't fit anywhere...yet. The symbol that I'm hung up on relates to the cards: Each card was empty. No words inside any of them. Also, attached to each card - either on the cover or inside - was a lock of this woman's hair. Within the dream, it sickened me - but it also confused me, because I didn't understand what it was supposed to mean.

Eventually, I met up with the group. I discovered that one other person had also been pickpocketed, and for a greater loss than I. The rest of the group listened, but seemed indifferent.

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I just saw this in a movie... the money in a wallet was replaced with cards: 'Catch Me If  You Can'  It was almost identical with respect to the wallet.

Being conned comes to mind.

The hair being attached to the cards is like DNA or a fingerprint.

Warning, yes.  In the near future, when you feel this way about someone, guard yourself.

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