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Husband threatens daughter and woman with big knife

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This is my dream, a day after my daughter's dream (stabbed by husband):

Live at an intersection in a white house, my sons having left to spend some time in town, I see this shadow of a woman run by, she seems to be up to no good, before I have a chance to inquire, this couple with their daughter enters, the daughter in the age of my daughter, the wife in my age, as well as her husband. He talks to them and pushes them into a corner, suddenly I see him holding a big knife up to their face and swinging it in front of them. It is a split second view. As soon as I saw the knife the man starts to smile and proclaims he loves them. They look scared and I see scares on the woman's face, that I think are knife wounds over time. They leave. I now am looking for my phone but find theirs. I would like to check to see if that was some cry for help, but I am too afraid of the man, so lay the phone close to the door where he could see it and take it should he come back.

Thank you.

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