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Don't Sound the Trumpet

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Praise the Lord!

I had a dream the other day and I'd like prayerful help with interpretation.

I had a dream that upon walking into the church building, through the double glass doors, I saw a stack of papers to my left sitting on a table. The papers had a light blue heading, with white lines, and handwritings that were in blue pen. I picked them up only to notice they were written by a man that I know.

There were approximately 15 pages, and as I was reading them I noticed that the topics were his innermost feelings about his life, me, and his desire/plans to be with me.

I proceeded to take the papers to my cousin's house (who lived nearby) and she was pulling some things out of her chest drawer upon my arrival. I gave her the papers to read and she skimmed them and said, "He has been planning this for a while." I began to feel doubtful and unbelieving that it was all happening. That he had plans to be with me and loved me so much. I remember telling my cousin, I'm not sure I'm ready for this love. I remember crying happy and sad tears at the same time, because this is something I've been praying for and wanting. But I was a little skeptical. She hugged me and said that everything is going to be alright, and I'll be fine. Don't be afraid.

As I turned around to head back to the church to put the papers back, I noticed he was standing there naked, with black socks on behind the glass doors (inside). After I saw him, he disappeared and must have went to put clothes on because by the time I got to the table where I originally found the papers, he was there in a navy blue suit. He asked me if I had seen his papers. I said yes and gave them to him. He said "I guess you know now" I said yes I read them. He then asked me are you ready and I remember smiling and sitting on his lap saying that I loved him all my life, and was in love with him, and would never stop loving him. I remember kissing him on the cheek. He proceeded to say that he was going to make an announcement about his plans.

He was actually preparing to speak at some event where people were, like some members of his family also. I remember there being an audience. He told them of his plans and there was an small uproar.

He walked out of the building. I was waiting for him outside. He told me let's go and so I said, are we going to find another church? He said yes and also said that we will be moving. He jumped in the driver seat and I started to walk to get in the passenger side.

Woke up.

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Praise the Lord.

Yes, it seemed very real.

I woke up around the 5am hr and began to pray in the Spirit asking the Lord if this dream was of him. Most of my dreams are prophetic and often times manifest within days. All I heard of Him was remain where you are. My discernment was saying don't try to act upon what you've been shown.

However, because of my sought out breakthrough in the area of marriage for my life and family, and recent prayers asking God to reveal more about my husband, I am very close and also didn't recognize a lot of the symbols. It seems one thing is going on, but it may mean asomething totally different.

I do know there were a few hidden things revealed such as the diary like notes and also the man's nakedness as well as my deep down emotions. Guess I've been alone so long that when it happened it was literally like a dream inside a dream.


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