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Man Enter Through Unlocked Door

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In my dream I looked out the window of the front door and I saw this man's car (I know of the man in real life) sitting outside in front of my house. So, I hurried up and a grabbed a pair of shorts to put on. I only pulled the shorts halfway up and sat on the couch. Then I said I was not going to open the door until the man came and knocked on the door. The next thing I know the man was coming through the door. So, I turned and asked this man (I didn't see who the man was) did he leave the door unlocked. He told me no he wouldn't do anything like that. Then I stood up and finish pulling my shorts up. The man who entered the house started asking what was my grandmothers number because he had something personal he wanted to talk to her about. So, I gave him the number and I repeated it to him several times. From there the dream ended.

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